Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of service do you provide?

PDR Group incorporates three areas of operation. Two of these areas emphasise our current areas of expertise – drilling and construction and communications; the third area is traffic management.

Drilling and Construction: All aspects of infrastructure construction. Directional drilling, excavation and non-mechanical excavation, pit and pipe installation, as well as manhole installation and construction. Additionally, this is not limited to underground construction with experience in aerial construction and pole installations.

Communications: All aspects related to copper and fibre optic cable – aerial and underground – from 2/0.40 to 2400/0.64, 1F to 576F and 864F – local or mains – cable hauling and cable jointing. We have the capabilities to pre-wire a house, units or an entire street.

Traffic Management: Accredited Level 2 and Level 3 Traffic Control staff are available for each crew. Operating our own crew ensures our sites are compliant, reduces third party costs and most importantly provides a safe work environment.

Until recent times a couple of signs on the side of the road was adequate. As we take on more projects, many of which require daily traffic management – the out of pocket expenses and at times less than adequate road side personnel has persuaded us to control these issues internally. In effect to ensure that our employees are safe because it is our traffic management personnel controlling the situation.

We currently have 2 drill crews, 2 civil crews, 5-man cable hauling crew, and a Level 3 Licensed Traffic Controller. Each crew has staff with first aid, CPR and Level 2 Traffic Control certification. Additionally, a number of our employees also have Fire Ant Training, Asbestos Awareness and Confined Space Training where required.

Benefits and Relationship?

The ultimate benefit of being a pre-qualified contractor is the potential for continuity of work. We have the construction and project experience to overcome many of the problems that currently exist throughout the design and construction process. We also have a structure that is much flatter than many larger companies, so we are better positioned to deliver projects on a far greater cost effective basis.

As a company that is capable of identifying and overcoming issues, we understand the problems involved in the design process. As a company that is capable of constructing most aspects of the underground and aerial network, we can provide our expertise in the scoping process. We can alleviate problems so that construction costs are not blown out in the early stages of projects. We also provide construction plans that see projects completed in a systematic sequence and delivered on time every time.

Ability To Meet Requirements?

PDR Group has the experience and capability of providing end-to-end construction. We are in a unique position in that we have the staff expertise and experience with the machinery to support.

Our selection and recruitment process ensures that our workforce are trained and capable of meeting construction needs. Our current employees all understand what we as a company are trying to achieve. It is rare to find a workforce that can embrace a companies goals and, more importantly, take ownership towards the outcomes.

The projects that we have completed along with our current projects offer the requirements you are after. Our civil capabilities compliment any project and future capabilities you require. We believe we are able to provide a valuable service to large construction companies, the likes of BMD and Brookfield Multiplex, where they can rely on us to provide all infrastructure services – telco, water, sewer, gas and electrical.

This belief comes from contracting on large projects and competing with multiple companies in limited spaces to complete specific works. By seeking multiple accreditations from each of the asset sectors we can quite easily coordinate with project managers to build projects in the safest and most efficient sequences.

The advantage of being multi-accredited on large projects means that we will already be on-site and contractor approved – this leads to reductions in mobilisation costs and potentially the ability to deliver the same product at a much lower cost.

Did not find the answers?

In case you have not found any answers here or you have more inquiries to ask, please feel free to drop us a message and we will contact you back very soon.

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