About PDR Group

Who We Are.

PDR Group is a specialist communications and construction company. Our experience and expertise is in telecommunications, civil construction and cable hauling.

Our project and construction management rivals many multi-million dollar companies. We incorporate three areas of operation: drilling and construction, communications and traffic management. Because we are field and not office based, we understand construction and work at overcoming design issues on a daily basis. We can assist and provide feedback on your design, site management and construction projects.


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Why PDR Group?

Building Sustainable Relationships

Our impeccable service record has cemented our reputation for project delivery.

PDR’s commitment to developing collaborative and mutually rewarding partnerships has allowed the company to deliver positive outcomes on numerous high-profile infrastructure projects. Our impeccable service record has cemented our reputation for project delivery. As a result of our commitment and reputation, we have gained industry recognition as a preferred partner for delivering long-term contracts and framework agreements.


Innovative Solutions

We provide innovative solutions with turn-key packages.

Our turn-key packages provide a comprehensive range of project management services from subcontractor selection, site acquisition and site design through to construction. Our work is backed by a track record of productive management, with the ability to overcome obstacles or set-backs and deliver on time and budget.


Management Strategy

We provide client satisfaction with maximum efficiency and productivity.

Driven by State and Federal regulations, industry standards and client satisfaction, our management system sets an industry standard for the construction and communication sector. We are focused on:

• delivering client satisfaction
• maximising efficiency and productivity
• delivering innovation solutions
• boosting staff morale, productivity and safety

Industry Experience

We specialise in projects other companies find too difficult or challenging.

PDR Group’s directional drillers and civil crews have extensive experience installing telecommunications, sewer, electrical, gas and water pipes. Our company specialises in completing projects that other companies find too challenging, as well as repairing and rectifying issues left in the ground. We have a proven track record of overcoming obstacles: Meridian Hill – Sunshine Coast (Optus aerial 312F up the side of the mountain) and Moggill Rd o/s Chapel Hill Exchange (8 way under Moggill Rd) are just two examples.


Health and Safety

We’re committed to health and safety in the workplace.

PDR Group are committed to promoting health and safety in the workplace. We recognise our moral and legal obligations to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for our staff, contractors and clients. Our level of commitment also extends to the local community and the environment, ensuring that our activities do not cause injury, illness or harm.


Our Vision.


Skill, knowledge and experience delivers innovative solutions.


Work in collaboration to achieve more productive outcomes.


Flexible adaptable approach to meeting clients needs.


Ensuring health and safety for workers and the environment.